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A multidimensional consciousness

This text is inspired by one of my biggest astonishments during my spiritual awakening the last couple of years, and is the most difficult to translate into words. It explains the abode of the third dimension which I could understand, when I got a clear view of the fifth dimensional reality. The third dimension can only exist because man in his mortal consciousness accept it as his reality, and moreover believe that this is the only real reality. This text also explains the fall of mankind, which could never took place anywhere in the universe, except in man’s own consciousness. It is the fall from absolute oneness to the believe in duality, time and space. This is the world experience which seems so real for almost everybody, but has his true stay in the individual consciousness of man, and is born out the wrong approximation of the universe.

Man creates the third dimension by believing in things like past and future, here and there, and even good and evil. To enter the fuller meaning of Life, man have to learn to live and think in harmony with the Truth, instead of allowing that the ego rules their consciousness.

The illusion time and space

Time does not exist and therefore is a human illusion. Only the NOW exists. The Now is not something vague or something ‘far away’, but in reality a deep sensed oneness with a timeless dimension. The Now is the absolute knowing that there is no past nor future, and therefore it won’t exist in your consciousness. It is a deep experience of oneness that we can express just by accepting it. It is not ‘today’ or now in the human believe, but a timeless consciousness which includes a deep happiness and peace. The moment you accepting ‘tomorrow’ as reality, automatically you create an image of tomorrow in mind, and believe tomorrow is something in the future. That moment you are the illusion. That moment you give expression to the third dimension.

This is quite the same with the illusion space. The thought of some country – for example Brazil – is just the interpretation of a limited piece of land which has his place in the outer. This is again a third dimensional concept of a place which actually has his true abode in a space less universe. By experiencing Brazil as an outer place where you – a physical body – can go on holiday, creates a third dimensional illusion, namely: space.

The third dimension

The third dimension has his abode in the lower consciousness of man and is born out the wrong interpretation and approximation of the universe. Mountains, rivers, plants, animals, man, planets, stars, actually all forms does not exist, and can’t even exist. The only thing that made them so real is our concept or believe in those things. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t deny the existence of these forms, but if you don’t experience them as Perfect, you believe they are less than Perfect, and it is this believe which does not exist, except in man’s own consciousness. Exactly these believes (illusions) creates our experience world, which seems so real, but (as said before) has only his abode in man’s individual consciousness.

If you can’t bring forms back to the one Source, you don’t know the true nature of these perfect creatures, so you will live in the wrong approximation of these forms. In addition you accept the plan of forms as your only true reality.

Where do I come from?

‘Here’ is the reality where man come from. In Truth you are always here. This ‘here’ is not in your room, or where ever you are, but in a higher consciousness which is far above the third dimensional reality. You can’t live in the here and now as long as you believe in time and space.

Often I hear spiritual people claiming they have a feeling they come from the stars, or somewhere ‘far away’ and they are ‘stuck here on Earth’. These feelings includes a beautiful memory, but if you have read the previous text, you know that this is the consequence of the wrong approximation of the universe and that this believe can only exist in the third dimension. To know the Source, which you see beautiful reflected in these stars, you have to let go the concept of distance (far away) and being ‘stuck on Earth’. If you accept these thoughts, you give expression to this reality. Only in this reality (illusion) the thought can be born that you come from somewhere else in the universe. Like I said, you experience this ‘somewhere else’ or the Source in the stars, but these stars are a reflection of your own Devine I AM – consciousness. Can it be more beautiful? You are the Source. You just have to be aware of this Truth.

How can I become conscious of the fifth dimension?

The third dimension seems so real, because we are constantly remembered to time and space. If you want to take the final step to experience the joy of true Life, the first thing you have to do is completely let go of the outer. The outer is an illusion. It does not exist. It is born because man identified himself to quickly with the physical body, and therefore separated himself (as a body) in the world of forms. Next, man have to point his attention to the Christ within. This Christ in you knows the wisdom of the fifth dimensional reality. He knows that nothing can be far away in the conscious oneness with God. They who fully developed the Christ – consciousness in themselves won’t experience any limitations, and know that all substance has his abode in their own consciousness.
God is everywhere, in all and true all. How can something be ‘far away’ in the unity with God?


The third dimension is no spacial dimension, but is born from the wrong interpretation about the universe and has his abide in the individual consciousness of men. You can live in the third dimensional reality, even if the person right next to you, is fully aware of the fifth dimension, however you live on the same Earth, looking at the same forms, and breathing the same air. Therefore you will fifth dimension in your own consciousness, and can be entered by becoming conscious of the Truth (because the Truth will set you free) and living in harmony with God, instead of letting your life depend on the illusionary third dimension, which is also the abode of our third dimensional self: the ego.


I hope I gave some people inspiration in how to obtain the fifth dimensional consciousness. There are many stories about the fifth dimension, but few lessons in how to become aware of this Truth. Jesus made a summary of this teaching (which took me two pages) in only one sentence: “I AM the way, the Truth, and Life”. It is the I AM in man, which is the true way to the fifth dimension reality. You must Be the Truth (not the illusion) and this way you will come to the accomplishment of true Life. If you meditate about this sentence, you will receive Devine inspiration in how to enter the fifth dimensional reality.