It was after a long depression and deep sensed feelings of fear that my impulse to search and find the Truth about Life was so intense, that I woke up one day after dreaming about my Self. During that dream ‘he’ came to tell me everything was going to be ok and said: “I am coming to live in you.” I started to cry. I felt my ego (or the being I thought I was) was losing his grip, so life (or the higher Self) could express itself true my consciousness as an open channel for Light. After this, a lot of spiritual teachings entered my consciousness.

Many people told me to write about those spiritual teachings, but it was after my last and deepest experience that I had an inner will to really write them down and publish them on the internet. A Light from within ‘surrounded’ me for a week. I believe I didn’t stop smiling during that whole week. All time and space was disappeared (honest!) and I was being fully aware of Life, here and NOW. This life always had exist, I just wasn’t aware of it. It is a life that don’t know good or bad, just a united being with all that IS.

The things that I have felt in the last few years where not vague, but deep sensed into every cell of my body. I have experienced the joy and happiness that the true Life as I call it, brings to mankind. After seeing this Life that goes beyond time and space, all the limitations of my own personal thinking slowly start to drop and step by step I became conscious of my own true Devine Self, the Christ within. The Joy that comes with this is inexpressible. It is my true wish that I could help people to see beyond all the human limitations that keeps them struggle and fighting in the world as we know it today, caused by ‘not – knowing’ of true Life itself.

Over the past years it seems most of the time I sat in a ‘spiritual classroom’ 24 hours a day. Honest, wherever I came or during my sleep, an inner teacher that reveal itself as an Infinite source of Wisdom within myself explained me the lessons of Life itself and the way to realize the Christ within. Please take time to consider these lessons and the lessons that will follow.

I don’t take any personal credit for the writings on this website, because I am fully aware that all people have access to the same spiritual teaching within themselves.

Feel free to accept or deny these writings as you wish,

Inner Teaching