How to fill out profile on dating website

It is impossible to get married through a dating site, but it is quite realistic to meet a future husband there. The audience of dating sites that are aimed at creating a serious relationship and marriage is 30% men, the rest are women. Sites are visited by over 5 million men around the world, and even if you will cut off 99%, the number of “normal” would remain very high. How to help worthy men understand that you are the woman he needs? Let’s try to find out!

Ask yourself the right questions

Before filling out, ask yourself – what message do I want to convey with my profile? What woman does the man I am looking for want to find? You can imagine his image as he flips through the site and glides through your profile. Was he hooked? Always ask yourself: how can a man, looking at your profile, understand – this woman, most likely really good, we can do something. No need to try to be someone else. Do not offer the man what he needs and not what you really are. Instead, develop and bring your real self closer to the image that you are painting. If you are looking for black people meet then this is also worth considering.

Choose 4 photos

These should be high-quality professional photos in which you look beautiful, feminine and positive. Aerobatics – put a photo where you do your favorite thing, a hobby. A photo on a horse, in the mountains, traveling, at the piano, with a dog. Give the man as much information as possible about your hobbies. No need to upload too few or too many photos. Optimal – 4. No need to upload photos with a child. A man is not looking for someone to become a father, he is looking for a woman for life. Indicate the presence of children in a special section.

No need to choose too candid photos. Sexual photos from the beach you will definitely attract attention. But no further than the nearest bed. You do not need to exhibit photographs in which you are hard to see – when you are wearing huge glasses or looming as a small speck against the mountains.

Tell something about yourself

There are thousands of profiles on the site for free online dating, and it is very difficult to choose a person who suits you not only externally. Simplify the man’s choice and help understand what you are and what you live with. After reading about you, a man should have a certain impression about you. Therefore, the tone that you write is as important as the text itself. Be positive and honest. Tell me:

  • about their feminine qualities;
  • what do you like;
  • what is important to you in a relationship;
  • what are your values ​​and priorities.

An interesting pattern was found when analyzing the statistics of women’s ads: much more views and responses were received by texts that said that the searches were “for serious relationship”. No need to praise yourself. No need to write about your career, projects, clients and business achievements.

Tell who you are looking for

There are two extremes – either a woman does not write anything at all, or puts up a bunch of demands. Sometimes a woman writes about what she does not accept. “Beggars, married women, losers etc.” Ok, what do you WANT? You need to write short and to the point. It should be a sincere appeal, from which a man should understand what men attract you and what qualities impress you. Format – “I will be glad to meet such a man. I am attracted to such qualities. I think we’ll feel good together. ”

No need to write requirements for a man – only wishes. No need to put quotes from the Internet in the spirit of “what should be a real man.” Now that you have filled out the questionnaire, look at it again from the position of point 1. Does your dream man pay attention to such a woman? If yes, the questionnaire is ready.