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Manifesting Good Fortune

Good fortune, is so much more than a fortunate occurence. And contrary to popular belief – it is not dependent on fate, or the universe smiling down benevolently upon you. Happy and fruitful circumstances – good fortune, is a condition that you can purposefully cultivate.

So how can I do this? I hear you ask. The answer is quite simply, that you have it within you the power to make it happen.  This is the power of positive intention! By  harnessing and focusing this power,  you can  create a good life for yourself.  Be it financial prosperity, good health or happiness within your personal relationships.

Manifesting good fortune is less about circumstance, and more about having a positive mindset. Of knowing what you want out of life, and being pro-active about ‘making it’ happen. The reason why some people are successful, and others are not – is all down to attitude. Those who expect everything to fall into their lap, without little effort on their part, will nearly always be doomed to disappointment.  Whereas  those people who are passionate and motivated – who have dreams,  goals, and clear idea’s  about what they want,  will nearly always be successful.  They are the ones who will go out into the world, doing everything they can, to  ‘make things happen’.

Belief is a powerful force; and when that belief is connected to action, it becomes   a powerful magnet. Pulling towards us the things that we most want. This is why it is so important to keep your thoughts positive. Negativity kills prosperity and abundance. Because negative thinkers, focus only on what they do not have in their lives.  Focusing on ‘lack’ rather than ‘abundance’,   will only draw to you, more of the same. Training your mind to think positively, rather than negatively, is the first and most important step of all, on the road to manifesting good fortune.

If you have become stagnated and depressed. Feeling positive can seem like an impossible feat to achieve. But, the truth is, negative thinking is just a habit. And like any other habit, it can be broken and changed. Start each day with a positive thought. If you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is start ruminating over what has gone wrong with your life; Or giving free rein to your ‘fear’ about what the coming day will hold. You will be starting the day focused on lack, fear and apprehension.  Rather then with energy, positivity eager anticipation for the good things that life has to offer.  To help you, try this simple affirmation. “Today is going to be a wonderful day. I have nothing to fear or worry about. I look forward with excitement and joy, to all the good things that are coming my way. I am living an abundant life.” Even if at first, you don’t feel like it. By making this a regular habit, you will start to change your mind set. Before you know it, you wont just be saying this words out loud – you will believe them!

Decide what it is that you want out of life. Try not to focus on the superficial, or specifics. Make your intention, one of bringing into your atmosphere, only good things that will enhance your life, and the lives of those you love. By keeping your intentions simple, you will be ‘open’ and ‘ready’, to take advantage of any new opportunities that come your way. You will accept the ‘different’ the ‘unusual’. Rather than having a fixed idea, of where good luck and prosperity will come from. By manifesting in this way, you will attract good fortune from many different directions. Drawing onto your life path, new people, opportunities and situations, you might not have previously considered. Be open, be open, be open!

Visualization is also a powerful tool for manifesting good fortune. In your minds eye, see yourself happy, fulfilled and surrounded by people who will love, support, inspire and uplift you. The atmosphere you surround yourself in, is extremely important. It is no secret, that unhappiness and negativity likes company. If necessary, stay away from anyone who drains your energy and brings you down. This is not a selfish act. It is simply you saying to yourself and the world, that you love yourself enough, to cultivate the best environment that you possibly can to maintain a healthy state of mind. Good fortune smiles on those people who have a healthy appetite for life. Who are happy to work hard and strive with a single-minded purpose to achieve their goals. When this happens, it is as if the whole universe strives to make this happen. Doors will open that you never knew were there. But, you have to play your part. All good things come to those who help themselves! Have your fortunes changed due to a positive attitude?