Only God exist, you exist because God exists 

There is a deep sensed joy hidden, in the simple understanding that only God exist. Only the Light IS. The darkness ‘IS – not’. When you start to realize this, you come to the understanding that men must be God. Moreover you start to understand that because you are a human being, you are the highest expression of God or the Principle. For this understanding, it is necessary to look beyond the illusion of space, so you will fully understand that all consciousness of all men is gathered in one place, namely God, and that all human beings are on their way to express the highest consciousness, namely the Christ – consciousness.

Be still, and know that I Am God (Psalms, 46:11) 

Be still and let all your attention be concentrate to one point,  ’I Am’. ‘I Am’ is the unity of men and God. It is the inner power to accomplish all things in life. When you will discover the true meaning of I Am, you will be amazed of the possibilities of your true Devine Self. In the stillness of your Self, you will find God.

For all what you will ever search for, search it within yourself 

This was one of the deepest insights that I had to learn and understand completely before I could look beyond separation. On the one hand you can understand that you will attract things in your life from ‘outside’ and that you have to change your thoughts so you will attract it, but it goes much further than this. The human consciousness isn’t limited to your physical body but that the true Self, the Christ within, embrace everything so that only within yourself, you will find all the things you will ever long for. Your physical body is the expression of your true Devine Self.

All things, even the physical, are gathered within your own consciousness. When you are walking in a forest, you are actually walking within yourself. Even your own physical body is within yourself. They who know their true Self, they know the whole universe. To understand this completely, you have to look beyond the illusion of space and experience for yourself the true Unity of all Life.

I Am the Light of the world (John, 8,12)

For me, this is one of the most beautiful pronouncements of Jesus. He continues with the words: “Whoever follows me will have the Light of life and will never walk in darkness.” He who will understand the true meaning of I Am shall understand that there is not even the slightest sparkle of darkness in the true Self of the human being. There is nothing that ‘I Am’ not, are the words of Christ. The ‘I Am’ is everything in everything. It is to men to understand this Principle and let the Light – your true Self – shine from within. You will notice that all emotions that many people experience as ‘negative’ will disappear when the first beams of Christ will shine in your consciousness!

The only thing that separates you and me is the believe that there is a ‘you and me’. There is only one expression of the devine energy that has many forms. When start to understand this, your consciousness become more and more enlighted and you will see this Devine nature in all expressions of God. You will truly see that we are created after His image and likeness, and that this understanding brings lots of joy. Also you will understand the true nature of unconditional love.