Recipe for happiness

On the one hand, happiness is a variable and short-lived value, but on the other hand, only happy experiences have a beneficial effect on us. The feeling of happiness that love gives, in general, refers to the most important factors of human health, this is what physicians, psychologists and sociologists say in one voice. Love brings the body to an optimal state, when its protective and creative forces are capable of much. The feeling, which contains spiritual and physical harmony, provides the body with an invaluable service. Visit the Milwaukee dating site and you will have the opportunity to find the other half.

In lovers and lovers, wounds heal faster and inflammation passes, this is due to the large number of protective cells and cortisone secretion. They have a cold and flu less often than those who are not in love. In an extreme situation, a person needs hormones against stress, and the release of adrenaline is required. This is what happens during a harmonious physical intimacy, and we feel an amazing surge of new energy. 

During an act of love, bronchi relax, more oxygen enters the alveoli of the lungs, and the body itself produces drugs like opium – they enter the bloodstream and lift us above all the problems of everyday life. Levitation in love is associated with these substances. They make a person not sensitive to pain, one of them is about 200 times stronger than morphine. In ecstasy, lovers do not feel any pressure or temperature. The happy wave of love experiences overflows, giving a person together with happiness and health. If you want to find a loved one, the Tulsa singles site will help you solve this problem.

Why sex helps in career. Full-fledged sexual life – not naked sex, but harmonious relationships – even contributes to the successful realization of a person in social life. After acute pleasure, a person is exhausted, it seems that every cell rests in it, but this phase is very short. After the phase of rest there is a powerful reaction that makes a person more active, energetic, viable. 

No drug can create such a transformation with a person. A distinctive cortisone provides a sense of happiness, and adrenaline makes all internal organs work in a new way. The heart beats faster, the pressure rises and the body mobilizes its energy reserves. Liver glucose decreases, the same in muscle and fat tissue. And vice versa: the one who is deprived of love, suffers more from headaches, circulatory disorders, nervous disorders and insomnia, more often tied to unhealthy and excessive food. Both lungs and heart, and kidneys also need love to be healthy. Happy women are much less likely to suffer from heart disease than single women who live in a failed union without love.

4 reasons

How love saves from accidents. If you kindly said goodbye to your loved one in the morning, wished him a good day and said “see you later”, he has a much better chance of not getting into an accident and successfully live a day at work. The explanation is simple: tenderness and affection mobilize defenses, increase adrenaline levels, providing attention and a good response to the world around. Here are four tips, relevant at all times, that will help you be happy in love.

  1. Love is not only about sex, do not confuse it with frequent sexual intercourse. It is a prerequisite for happiness.
  2. Tell your beloved or beloved: you are the best, the most extraordinary, I have never been so happy with anyone. This is very stimulating!
  3. Tip for men: sitting a drop in front of the TV reduces the potency, takes away the best male strength. Save them for other, more impressive moments!
  4. Do not be afraid to embellish yourself in your own eyes. Love yourself and the person who is near you, it will make you and his much happier.