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The one Spirit

Matter and Spirit are frequently seen as separated, but matter has come forth from the Spirit and therefore is Spiritual. This is one of the basic understandings that man will learn towards a new consciousness. The look on Life itself will change because man will learn to think spiritual, instead of materialistic. For this, you have to release all tension and fear by letting the One Life express itself true your consciousness. This way you will have many insights that will help you become aware of your true Self. It is a joy to tell people about the jubilation that the understanding of the true Self will bring to mankind. For now, many people are becoming aware of a higher Life or at least feel that there ‘present’ life does not fulfill anymore.

How can I become conscious of the One Spirit?

I’ll try to explain this to you the way it is explained to me. On a beautiful night when I was looking at the stars a  ‘voice’ within myself said: “Pick a star.” I picked the brightest star and the ‘voice’ started to tell. Here is what I have received:

“To you the star seems far away because the human mind thinks that you are only your body with a mind, on this moment looking at a star that seems far, far away. In reality it is the one Spirit which expresses itself as you, as a human being and as a star. Consider then that for your physical body, your shoulder and your foot are equally far, because your body expresses itself as a shoulder and as a foot. You will understand that the infinite `body’ or Spirit of God fills up all space. For God everything is equally far because God IS everything and thereby the thought of space disappears. When you understand this, you will understand the deeper meaning of the words: I Am.”

This way I started to understand the unity of the universe, but to understand this completely you have to experience it for yourself. In this experience you are suddenly no longer a being that has a body but you see yourself as an infinite Spirit which expresses itself true your body and consciousness. Jesus illustrated this understanding with the following pronouncement: “I and the Father are one.” It is for the human being to understand that they are always one with this infinite Spirit and can’t be under no circumstances be separated of this Spirit, only by the human limited thinking.

Why are many people not yet aware of the Spirit?

When man still thinks in terms of ‘materialistic thinking’ it is rather difficult to imagine himself as an expression of the One Omnipotent Spirit. You’ll think as yourself as a body with a mind instead of the One Spirit which expresses Himself true all creatures. Look at the universe with his many stars and planets and then look to the smallest flower which you can find in the field. Can someone deny that there is an Intelligence which controls everything in detail and that this Omnipotent Intelligence must be one and the same which created the whole universe? Consider that infinite Love is the most important characteristic of this Principle. Why is it so hard for the human being to surrender to this One Love instead of keep on living in a world with suffering until they realize that there is a higher life’s purpose. This can only be explained that man does not know about this true Life that will only be found within themselves. Without a doubt there is an evolution until mankind comes to a higher consciousness, namely the Christ – consciousness.

When can I experience the Christ – consciousness myself?

There will be a moment that the seed will burst and the plant (the Christ) come to a manifestation on Earth. Only this way the Kingdom of Heaven will rise on Earth (no one comes to the Father except through me, John 14:6) You don’t need to learn difficult lessons or meditate hours a day to achieve the Christ consciousness. You only have to know and experience that you are the expression of God and let the Light shine in all His glory. Be still, and know that I Am God. Again, you don’t have to detain yourself of things you’ll find in the world. Jesus said: “Ye shall learn the truth and truth will set you free.” I never detained myself of something nor had many meditations.

However I had a strong impulse to know the Truth and nothing else but the Truth. This way, I became more conscious of who I Am instead of who I thought I was: the ego. Step by step I learned the wisdom of Life. Not an outer Life with his many creatures (this is just the image) but an inner Life. I truly wish I could let you join this joy and hapiness which I have experienced. All the personal desires that the world would call ‘sin’ dropped off me when I learned the Truth. Then, you also will see the more fine vibrations (Heaven) within and all around yourself. It will solves immediately all the things that are not in harmony with Light. It is the Truth that will set you free! Meditation can help certainly to become aware of the inner dimension, but it is no obligation. You will feel for yourself what will help you best on that moment.