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The true nature of unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is not something you have to learn. Unconditional Love is the true nature of all man. However it is good to think and act as loving as you can to your fellow-man, the true meaning of unconditional Love goes much further than act ‘lovable’. When man is conscious of unconditional Love, they are one with the pulsing heart of the whole universe. These enlightened people looking at every grain of sand, every animal, plants, human beings, planets and even stars as a sparkling peace of God. From the tiniest particle to the biggest star, everything and everyone IS unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the oneness of the infinite universe. When man is or become conscious of this Love, they have a gentle glow which surrounds them wherever they go and walk. Artists painted a Golden Light around the heads of many Saints. This is no coincidence. It is the outgoing Love of a conscious human being. I can already tell you this Golden Light becomes visible in your aura. It is even so tangible, you want to grab it. It brings lots of Joy and a renewed view of Life itself.

How can I become conscious of unconditional Love?

You can conscious of unconditional Love by letting go the egoic mind, so Christ, your true Self and source of all Love, becomes the Leading Light in your consciousness. It is Christ in men which is one with all Love, and it’s true this inner Christ man is able to know unconditional Love, the true nature of God.

Why are many people not yet aware of the infinity of unconditional Love?

Many people still believes in something they call space. This is because they identify themselves automatically with their physical nature. This physical body is actually the expression of their consciousness, and not their true or only being. In reality man is an infinite Spirit, that isn’t bonded to a physical body.

It is caused by man’s ignorant and limited thoughts that they don’t know the joy of living in harmony with the one Life. Can you imagine the joy when you can see to all things as expressions of your Self or God? This understanding is the key to enter the inner dimension. You become conscious of the fact that everything you first experienced as ‘the outer’ is actually the image of the inner Life. (at God image and likeness man is created) This understanding habitats a deep sensed Joy. All distance start to disappear, nothing will be large or small. Let Joy be your criterion, so you will be assured it is Truth. This is the message for the New Consciousness, the awakening of the Here and Now.

Inner Teaching:

Unconditional Love is not something you have to learn. You just have to be aware of the essence of your true Being.

How to let go of the ego?

This is a question I asked myself many times earlier. I have learned that letting go of the ego is something that happens step by step. It is a gradual process. In the beginning you will feel that the ego won’t let go of its power to rule the human consciousness. This is how it start. Your still in a phase of struggle. It feels a little like ‘dying’ within yourself. This ‘dying’ must not be taken literally. It is your fear, your pain which will stop existing. The egoic consciousness won’t fulfill you anymore. First you feel an inner emptiness. You miss something in life, but you can’t figuring out what. You’ll search in the world to heal this emptiness, but soon you’ll discover no worldly thing can heal this pain. Then you get desperate. At this point you will get in touch with the teachings of the inner Christ.

Jesus said: “You shall learn the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free”. You only can let go of the old, if the new reveals itself in your consciousness. When man understands this, soon he will stop to analyze his fears and doubts, and he will pray (like me) that he may see more of the Truth. In my experience it is at those times of clear understanding, you will feel the ego ‘die’ within yourself. It surrenders itself. It stop existing. At that point you will open the door for the inner beams of Light of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Heaven is no place, but a state of consciousness.

If you come closer to this heavenly state of consciousness, you will feel the inner realm which I can only compare with a pure midsummer evening. Even your environment seems to answer to this vibrations. This inner Light inhabits a silent peace and serenity which relieve your consciousness. Then you will say, like many others: “I AM Life, and there is nothing in this universe that I Am – not.” You look your true Self in the eyes, and know that this Self is your true God – Self, the inner Christ. This inner Christ is man’s power to know God in all his glory. I would like to tell you in a million words how this awakening feels, but I can’t find one word which describes this happiness.

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