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What is cannabidiol

Everyone knows that marijuana has intoxicating, narcotic properties. And people are brought into a state of drug intoxication by certain psychoactive substances. One of the most famous is tetrahydrocannabinol, which anyone who has anything to do with cannabis has heard of. Among cannabinoids, there is another one that is not inferior in importance to THC. He will be discussed in this article.

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a substance that is found in fairly large quantities in marijuana, one of a group of 85 complex unique compounds known today that are found in plants of the genus Cannabis. It is CBD that has largely influenced the hemp world, especially from a medical point of view.

Effect produced by cannabidiol

CBD acts a little differently than THC. To some extent, these substances even counteract each other, because have the exact opposite effect. The active ingredient in itself produces a sedative effect that can relax a person. The relaxing properties of CBD are used to relieve symptoms of hyperactivity, aggression, helps to overcome muscle cramps, pain of various origins. High cannabidiol cultures can destroy cancer cells. CBD oil for depression is a very popular remedy in many countries.

High CBD Varieties

Nowadays, varieties containing a low percentage of THC with a high concentration of CBD are in high demand, primarily for growers who grow marijuana for medical purposes. Breeders respect the desire of customers, and every day there are more and more such hybrids. Some of them deserve special attention.

CBD Kush seeds are cannabis with a low level of THC and a high level of CBD, the ratio is approximately 1:1, 7% for each indicator. The variety has the optimal combination of Indica / Sativa with a bias in the indian direction. The phenotype occupies a leading position in the ranking of medical strains – it copes with muscle pain, with monthly female problems, and soothes nerves. A mild medicinal effect with a pleasant taste is what you should expect from CBD Kush.

Cannabis cultivar Y Griega CBD is a hybrid variety of indica and sativa, with a predominance of sativa (80% / 20%). A variety with a high THC level of up to 27%, so you will be pleasantly surprised by the long-lasting relaxing effect. The plant is famous for its sweet aroma and energy effect, which gradually turns into a state of complete calm. Due to the high content of THC, the variety is also used in the medical field. Very suitable for creams, tinctures and other medicines.

Seeds Durga Mata II CBD is a dominant Indica hybrid (90%) that does not have a psychoactive effect. The absence of psychoactive effects, the high content of CBD (8.5%) and the low concentration of THC (7%) allow us to consider the cannabis Durga Mata II as a medicinal plant. Of the many healing properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are distinguished, in addition, this marijuana relieves cramps and has antiemetic properties. It can be used as an antidepressant to relieve anxiety and anxiety.

Position in medicine

There is still an endless debate in medicine over the benefits of cannabis. There is now an active discussion about the medicinal abilities of hemp seeds and the effects of marijuana on the body, especially on the brain. Proponents of the use of marijuana in medicine argue that cannabinoids have a positive effect on the course of certain diseases. But those who are against cannabis refer to the high content of THC in it, which is able to influence the human psyche. Although it is worth noting that the use of CBD oil in various medicines is becoming the norm and now many companies are engaged in the production of such medicines.